Peggy . . .
First and foremost . . . I love Jesus and know that my relationship with Him is getting stronger every day! I love to sing, especially Christian music. While singing praise to His holy name I feel closest to my Savior.

My Husband (Don) and I have been married for over 25 years. We own and operate a small business in Kenyon, Minnesota. I have been blessed with two grown stepchildren, Michele in Chicago, and Brent in Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona. Don and I share a love for animals and have opened our home to many cats and dogs over the years. Currently we lovingly care for six cats and one dog.

My musical history goes back to my childhood. Like a majority of kids, I took piano lessons when I was younger. As a young adult I was involved with the church choir in my hometown of St Peter, MN. I have been a member of the adult choir at a local church in Cannon Falls, a seven year member of the Praise and Worship group, and served four years as the director of the group.

I consider myself a true alto, and love singing harmony and occasionally lead parts. 2 Copper Coins gives me the opportunity to share my love for music while singing and playing the keyboard. A recent chapter in my musical story includes writing and composing contemporary Christian music which has been inspired by the Holy Spirit.
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Joel . . .
My musical story dates back to the late 1970s. I learned the guitar from a good friend, sharing my talent with a band playing country music until about 1982. I put down the guitar and didn't really play again until 2000 after I attended a Via de Cristo weekend. There, through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit, I was inspired to pick up the guitar and play.

I was an original member of the Praise and Worship Team at First English Church.

Elaine and I have been married for over 37 years and are parents to three beautiful daughters Amy, Melissa, and Kirsten. We are blessed with several grandchildren, all which light up our world.

Through music, the love of Jesus Christ can be shared. Sharing my faith through music brings praise and worship to a different level for me. I have expanded my music to include writing and composing musical pieces. Through these pieces I am able to share with our Lord and others, the depth of my relationship with Him.

In my little spare time I enjoy fishing and hunting with "Ida Know" and "Freckles", my Brittany Spaniels.
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Art . . .
I have been involved with 2 Copper Coins over the last few years in several ways, starting with running the audio/mixer board for some of the groups concerts, then running the multi-track recording and editing equipment for various recording sessions. I have helped the group produce their CDs (and also this website). I enjoy making sure that the bands audience (and CD listeners) can clearly hear His message, which is the focus of this bands music. I also play fiddle and mandolin with the band.

My wife (Suzann) and I live out in the country on 40 acres and love it. I also enjoy photography, training Lizzie (the lab), hunting, and flying R/C and Drone aircraft.

I have been married to Kim since 1991 and for our 10th anniversary we moved our family to the Cannon Falls area. We have two wonderful sons, James and Matthew. When Matthew was born my Dad told Kim “now we need to work on Mark, Luke and John.” Kim said “talk to your daughter”.

My music experience was mainly in junior and senior high school. I grew up in Worthington MN where I played the trombone in band and sang in the choir. Now my oldest son is playing my trombone for Randolph High School. I also ran the sound system for small groups and for the yearly musical the choir performed.

In 2006, God said in a big voice to come back to him. He did this by my losing my job to corporate downsizing. This is how I found Christ Church in Cannon Falls, MN. At the time there were no jobs in the Twin Cities area in my field. God found me a contracting job in Fargo, ND. I left my family here and moved to Fargo for a year and a half. Christ Church really supported me and my family during this time. This is where I started doing sound again and met some of the band members. With Art moving to the stage, the band asked me to do the sound system for them. I enjoy every minute of it and am thankful for the opportunity. Our God is great!

Sarah . . .
I have had a passion for music for as long as I can remember. I sang my first solo in church, "Jesus Loves Me," at around age three. As I grew up, I was encouraged to express myself musically in a variety of ways, including piano lessons from age 4, singing solos, participating in choir, playing piano for jazz band and choir, and flute and piccolo in my HS band. It was always my dream to perform in front of an audience, because I get back so much from sharing whatever talent God has gifted me.

Through the music of 2CC, I am able to combine my love of music with the love of my God. It gives me the opportunity to share my love with our audience, and to express my faith in the way I do it best - through music.

I am married and have two children, a mom, an assortment of pets and a job. I am also a writer on the side. God has richly blessed me.